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Dolley Madison

"She could disarm envy itself."


On August 24, 1814, Dolley Madison stood on the roof of the White House turning her spyglass, hoping to see signs of an American victory. What she saw more than alarmed her. Through the clouds of dust and booming canons, carts filled with panicked men and women fled the city down Pennsylvania Avenue. Just days earlier, British forces had landed thirty-five miles north of the capital and had begun a slow march toward the White House. At this perilous point during the War of 1812, her husband, President James Madison, had left to join the ragtag American militia who were to defend the capital. Days earlier, her husband, President James Madison, had instructed Dolley to leave the White House. Now with 4,000 British soldiers just a short distance away, time was running out. Read More>>


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