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Elizabeth I

"I will have but one mistress here and no master!"


At the ripe old age of eight, Princess Elizabeth of England, daughter of King Henry VIII(he of the many wives) declared to her good friend Robert Dudley, "I will never marry."She had good cause; both her mother, Anne Boleyn, and her stepmother, Kathryn Howard had lost their heads as a result of their marriages to the king. One could hardly fault Elizabeth for associating marriage with becoming a head shorter. Of course, no one believed an eight year old would know what her future held for her. But they should have. Elizabeth really meant it.

This defiance created a serious problem twenty years later when Elizabeth became
queen. You see, royalty in Elizabeth's day had to marry because it secured political alliances between nations, thereby protecting them from invasion. Plus, women were far too weak and addled to rule. Or so everyone believed. Read More>>


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