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"It all has to do with an attitude and loving yourself the way you are."

Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, mother, philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, fashion icon. Defiant, brave, egotistical, talented, contradictory, loyal, always changing, never stagnant. Trying to contain Madonna is like trying to contain a flame in a sealed jar. If you put a lid on it, you are left with ashes. But unlike other super talents that burn bright only to eventually burn out, Madonna has risen from her ashes over and over again and been reborn in a style more original than the last.

Madonna has kept her fans and "wannabes" on a dizzying chase to keep up with her style reinventions. She is best remembered for her punk rock style that had 80s teens tying tights in their streaky hair like head-wound patients and wearing enough silver crucifixes and rosaries to ward off vampires. Read More>>


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