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Marilyn Monroe

"I make it a point to stay the way I want to be."


A gust of wind lifting up your dress would usually be considered a serious wardrobe malfunction . . . unless, of course, you're Marilyn Monroe. On September 15, 1955, at 1:00 am, Marilyn Monroe stood over a subway grate between Lexington Ave and 52nd Street waiting for such a gust of wind to do the unthinkable. She was filming for her movie The Seven Year Itch. The movie and her character are hardly remembered, but the dress . . . the dress is still the most recognizable dress in Hollywood today. It was an ivory colored halter-top dress that crisscrossed her waist and flowed into hand-sewn knife pleats. When the subway's hot air blew up, the delicate material billowed around Marilyn's body like molten liquid.

In the following weeks, replicas of Marilyn's dress flew out of department stores. A monster-sized billboard of a laughing Marilyn in her unforgettable dress flying skyward was placed high above Times Square. New Yorkers strained their necks upward to view the risqué billboard. Marilyn had only begun to shake up the fashion world. Read More>>


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