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Michelle Obama

". . . [Michelle] wears both high fashion and low fashion—it's modern, democratic, and, above all, American."


It began with a fist bump. Just a casual hand gesture between Michelle Obama and her husband Barack after he won the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. It was a natural gesture to match her commanding outfit: a silk crepe sheath dress in a bright, majestic purple paired with a studded leather belt, gumball-sized pearls, and (gasp!) no stockings. Michelle's outfit was admired for its bold color and clean lines, but the knuckle rapping gesture caused some controversy. Critics found it too aggressive. Supporters found it endearing. One thing is for certain: as soon as Michelle Obama went knuckle to knuckle with her toned biceps flexing, the nation knew Mrs. O was not your demure wallflower.

She certainly has not dressed like previous First Ladies. She has dared to show her buff arms in A-line sheaths and bold patterns. She doesn't wear panty hose because she finds them "painful" and defended her choice to go barelegged with a simple "It feels better." Most importantly, she has shown that you can look elegant without an extravagant clothing budget. Read More>>


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