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Tavi Gevinson

"I think that people admire people that look weird and dress interestingly or whatever because they wish that they could be that courageous."


How old is Tavi Gevinson? It's the first question that comes to mind for most people. At just eleven years old, she created the blog Style Rookie, a fashion site with rather humble beginnings. Style Rookie didn't use professional models. Instead, Tavi posed for the camera wearing her favorite outfits in front of a makeshift tripod in her yard.

Her look was hard to pin down. Tavi's wide-set eyes, doll-like thick bangs, icy glare, and translucent skin made her appear like a child vampire who would never age. She paired that delicate ingénue with floral granny dresses, pillbox hats, chunky knitted scarves, orthopedic-looking saddle shoes, and oversized blazers that swallowed her 4'10'' frame. I've got to be honest. If you were dressed by your colorblind, eccentric, bargain-shopping grandmother, you might end up looking a little like Tavi's first fashion statements. It's this ironic juxtaposition of childlike innocence and crazy old lady style that confused most people. It also led to the same questions over and over again: How did she get the chutzpa to dress like that, followed by . . . And how old is this girl?

The answer to the second question doesn't really matter as much these days to the writer, editor, public speaker, singer, and actress. Read More>>


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